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Volunteer Teaching in Thailand
$1000/ 14 Days
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Marine Conservation in Mozambique
$2500/ 14 Days
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Volunteer Teaching in India
$850 / 14 Days
+ information
Yoga Holiday & Volunteer in India
$1000/ 14 days
+ information
Volunteer with Children
$850 /14 Days
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Volunteer in India

Volunteer in India programs are designed so you can explore India in a responsible way and contribute towards reducing poverty by helping disadvantaged local communities through our OrphanageEnglish Teaching, Women’s Empowerment, Childcare, Healthcare, Medical, and Internship Programs. You can volunteer on our projects located in the evergreen and exotic Kerala – South India, in the art & culture capital Kolkata  East India, or the foothill of the Himalayas in Dharamshala – North India. We have also launched some exclusive conservation and community led volunteer programs in the Maldives Islands.

Our Volunteer in India and Volunteer in Maldives Program’s provide genuine travel service and support via our knowledgeable and experienced team. We make all the necessary arrival and living arrangements and ensure your safety and security throughout your time in India and Maldives. In your free time you get time to explore and enjoy life as a local.

What’s sets us apart is our customized approach. Your interests and skills are directed towards volunteer opportunities through which you can make a real difference, engage and interact with locals, and learn traditions and culture on a deeper level.

Volunteer in India and join us if you are among those who love to be inspired by travel, enjoy giving back to the place you travel to, and want a genuine travel experience in India that will leave you with great memories for life!


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